MA1-Men's Amateur Advanced



Wheat City Throwdown, Twin Falls Classic, Beaver State Fling, Baked Potato Open, Farragut, Potential Utah/other surrounding area tournaments

*Additional Tournaments will be added as they post



I've finished in the top 5 in most tournaments I've competed in and continue to improve my placing with each tournament. 



My brother introduced me to the sport in 2011 while I was in my freshman year at college.  I didn’t really take to it at first, but he kept dragging me out to the course and eventually I took to it like a pig to mud.  I played my first tournament in 2016 and now spend all my PTO on traveling for disc golf tournaments.  I try to play 10-12 events a year, with at least 1 being on a course I’ve never played before.  And that’s leads into what I love about the sport.  I enjoy playing new courses (shooting well over par) and meeting new people.  Because of the tournaments I’ve played, I have a disc golf family from all over the US. 


In the coming years, I’m looking forward to seeing the next generation of disc golfers.  Top competitors are getting younger and younger and that is only going to continue to push the sport to next level.